Google Enjoy is a mobile application platform made and managed by Google. The aim of Yahoo Play should be to provide an program for mobile devices to access content through a web internet browser such as Google Chrome, and execute functions just like browsing and searching. The name “Google Play” was derived from the “Google Android” project, headed by the two founders, Larry Page and Android creator Ice Cream Hoagie founder Eric Schmidt. Considering the acquisition of Knoll mobile marketing company, Google will now proceed to integrate the system with its existing business models, namely Android and Gmail. To celebrate the deal, Google has pointed out several new features in the Enjoy store which include international foreign exchange and buying functionality.

As part of the deal, Yahoo will allow every android units to feature the Yahoo Play Store, free of charge. This can be a major stage towards growing the reach of the google marketplace to a larger audience throughout different products and demographics, and is a substantial move forward for the future of the Google app store and Google itself. The deal will also watch other third-party apps which might be compatible with the Google Play Retail store being offered on a free download basis to all users. Google’s motive is to associated with Yahoo Play Retail store available on numerous devices, which will in turn, strengthen the ongoing earnings and user base of the google android ecosystem additional.

Google’s acquisition of Knoll is additional evidence that internet huge intends to carry on expanding its influence above the mobile machine user encounter. With Knoll’s acquisition, Yahoo will be able to influence Knoll’s technological expertise and content control abilities to push the limits of mobile apps. By joining up with Knoll, Google should be able to gain access to a second powerful reference to influence in its effort to extend the presence and increase its clout online. The purchase of Knoll may help Google bare cement its position kaspersky antivirus as one of the leading app developers on the iOS and android platforms.